Bolnisi - "Little Germany"
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The foundation of the city Bolnisi itself comprises the significant potential for tourism development. Till 3rd April, 1943 it was named as Luxemburg. The German history of Bolnisi started in 1818 when in the vicinity of the village Ratevani Swabia Germans were settled. The settlement which the Germans first established was named as Katarinenfeld at first and the name Luxemburg was given later, once the communists and the Red Army brought in the country the name of Rosa Luxemburg. In 1941, as soon as the Second Worrld War broke out, all the Germans who were not in marriage with local Georgians, were displaced to Siberia or Kazakhstan.
the remains of the German architecture are not limited only with monuments above the ground. In quite a few private houses in Bolnisi, under the ground there are the wine cellars the size and shape of which are nontypical to Georgia. on the background of the constructions above them the cellars accupe surprisingly a huge space, sometimes even two storeys under the ground, these cellars are often accompanied with a wooden furnished room with a fireplace. Some of the families with these kinds of cellars are still involved in wine-making.

the healing resort potential of Bolnisi is also worth mentioning since in 5km-es from Bolnisi, in village Rachisubani, there is a mineral water spring.

In order to satisfy the needs of tourism development at an initial stage, the infrastructure in Bolnisi is quite developed.
There are few hotels/guesthouses and food facilities in Bolnisi.