7 Must See places in Kvemo Kartli region
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Kvemo Kartli region is one of the least popular region of Georgia for tourists, but it is rich very interesting places, which can surprise you. We offer 7 must see places of Kvemo Kartli region.

1. Dmanisi old settlement

Dmanisi (Georgian: დმანისი) is a  archaeological site in the Kvemo Kartli region, approximately 93 km southwest of the nation’s capital Tbilisi in the river valley of Mashavera. It is the earliest known hominid site outside of Africa. Here you can "meet" fisrt europeans Zezva and Mzya.

2. Bolnisi Sioni

Ancient basilica of Bolnisi Sioni is the oldest preserved architectural monuments on the territory of the country. The construction dates back to 478-493 A.D. The cross embossed on the eastern façade of the church, later called Bolnis cross, became one of the symbols of the state; it is depicted on the modern flag of Georgia. The façade of Bolnisi has inscriptions representing the first samples of Georgian writing. 

3. Old German houses and wine cellars

The German history of Bolnisi started in 1818 when in the vicinity of the village Ratevani Swabia Germans were settled. The settlement which the Germans first established was named as Katarinenfeld at first and the name Luxemburg was given later, once the communists and the Red Army brought in the country the name of Rosa Luxemburg. In 1941, as soon as the Second Worrld War broke out, all the Germans who were not in marriage with local Georgians, were displaced to Siberia or Kazakhstan.
The remains of the German architecture are not limited only with monuments above the ground. In quite a few private houses in Bolnisi, under the ground there are the wine cellars the size and shape of which are nontypical to Georgia.

4. Tsugrugasheni

The church was built during the reign of Lasha-Giorgi in the 13th century. His architecture is similar to other Georgian churches built at the same time (Nikortsminda, Betania, Kvatakhevi, Fitareti), but Tsughrughasheni is smaller and has higher dome. The church is rich in Georgian traditional ornaments.

5. Monastery on Elia Mountain

Monastery, near Bolnisi city, was built few years ago, but its architecture is very interesting. You can enjoy incredible view from here.

6. Tandzia Village

Here you can find the museum of Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani - Georgian writer and diplomat. Orbeliani is noted in part due to his important role as an emissary of Georgia to France and Vatican, where he vainly sought assistance on behalf of his beleaguered King Vakhtang VI. In modern-day Georgia, the story of Orbeliani's diplomatic mission to France would become a symbol of how the West neglects Georgian appeals for assistance.

7. Pitareti monastery

Pitareti monastery is located in Region Kvemo Kartli, Tetritskaro district, in deep gorge, surrounded by forests of  Khrami river valley. It is well for its finest art of bareliephs.  built  in 13th century (between 1216 and 1222), it presents an opportunity for tourists, nature lovers or for those interested in this prime example of medieval Georgian domed ecclesiastical architecture, to have 1-day short hike near Tbilisi.