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Georgia is a unique and fabulous country with its culture, history and traditions. Our Tourist Company TourEast Georgia offers you a tour of every corner of Georgia.We are starting to travel from Kvemo Kartli, a new tourist destination. Here you will find still unfamiliar places that are rich in historical past, beautiful nature and multicultural relations. Kvemo Kartli is a border region neighboring the countries of Armenia and Azerbaijan. The region has favorable conditions in terms of tourism, 4 border crossing points are located at Kvemo Kartli border. It takes an hour to be in the Kvemo Kartli, Sadakhlo, Red Bridge and Guguti border crossing points within 1 hour from the Tbilisi International Airport. This is added by Ninotsminda and Akhkerpi in the nearest future.
The following make KvemoKartli a unique destination: multiple historical monuments, “Small Germany”, a 200 year old city built by Germans, the V century Sioni of Bolnisi, the walls of which show the sample of ancient Georgian manuscript and one of many types of crosses, namely “BolnuriJvari (Cross)”, the XIII century stunning cathedral of Tsughrughasheni, the remains of Dmanisi settlement, the homeland of first Europeans, Kveshi Castle, Rkinis (Iron) Castle, St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Bolnisi, archeological findings of Arukhlo hill – grape stones, family cellars, QvevriBolnuri wines, you will admire the combination of antique and modern traditions here. Our tours are distinguished by their creativity and they combine the three municipalities of KvemoKartli: Bolnisi, Dmanisi and Marneuli. Take our tours and enjoy the nice changes in your life.

Our advantages are the proximity to the capital city and to neighboring countries; if you might wish we will offer you the tours to the mentioned countries as well.

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